Peptone Fermentation Nutrients

Animal Origin Peptones (Protein Hydrolysates)

Proteins are the basic building blocks of living cells. Proteins are formed by sequence of amino acids. The amino acids are organic substances consisting of an asymmetric carbon to which are bounded an amino group (-NH2), a carboxylic group (-COOH) two characteristics radicals of each amino acid (R R").

Suboneyo is the leading Largest Manufacturer in India for PEPTONES Protein Hydrolysate range of products deriving from Soybean, Milk Protein Casein, Corn etc. These are processed by using hi-tech facilities are available in various types.

Animal Origin:
  • Bacteriological Peptone
  • Tryptone
  • Tryptose
  • Casein Peptone
  • Pancreatic Digest Of Casein
  • Acid Hydrolyzate of Casein Tech/Pure
  • Meat Peptone
  • Proteose Peptone
  • LactalbuminHydrolysate
  • Meat Extract Powder
  • Liver Extract Powder


Bacteriological Peptone: Bacteriological Peptone is a high quality hydrolysate produced by enzymatic digestion of animal tissues. It is widely used in culture media has been used extensively in the manufacture of toxins, vaccines other biological products.

Tryptose:Tryptose is an enzymatic digest of protein used in preparing microbiological culture media.Tryptose was originally developed as a peptone particularly adapted to growth requirements of Brucella.

Caesin Peptone: Casein Peptone is a Enzymatic Papaic digest of casein containing all the amino acids found in casein as well as larger peptide fractions. It is an excellent nutrient for use in culture media for producing antibiotics, toxins, enzymes other biological products. This product is widely used in the pharmaceutical veterinary industries in diagnostic culture media.

Pancreatic Digest of Casein (Tryptone): With thorough industrial knowledge, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a superior quality range of Pancreatic Digest of Casein .Theseproducts are processed using superior quality ingredients under the supervision of expert professionals, who hold vast experience in this domain. Owing to their accurate composition and effectiveness, these agents are widely demanded by the customers based across the national and international market.
Tryptone is a Casein Peptone is a pancreatic digest of casein containing all the amino acids found in casein as well as larger peptide fractions.

Acid Hydrolyzate of Casein Tech/Pure: Acid Hydrolysate of Casein is produced by hydrochloric acid hydrolysis of alimentary or food grade casein of Indian Origin resulting in a high content of free amino acids. Most often used in conjunction with other peptones, Acid Hydrolysate of Casein has applications in diagnostic culture

Proteose Peptone: Proteose Peptone is an enzymatic digestion of animal tissues.It is a highly nutritious source for the growth of a wide range of microorganisms.

Media for the study of bacterial antibiotic resistance. Due to a typically low iron content, it can also find use in toxin expression for vaccine production.

Meat Extract: Meat Extract product is prepared from meat skeletal muscle & marrow. Meat extract powder is highly nutritious & is used in preparing microbiological culture media. It is recommended for use in culture media for bacteriological examination of water, milk & other materials.

LactalbuminHydrolysate:  This Peptone is obtained by a pancreatic digest of lactalbumin& whey protein. Due to the high content ofessential amino acids, it is used in microbiological & tissue culture media formulations.

 Meat Peptone: Meat Peptone is an enzymatic digest of animal tissue. It can be incorporated into a variety of liquid & solid culture media formulations for the cultivation of fastidious & non-fastidious microorganisms.

Plant Origin Peptones

Plant Origin Peptone:
  • Soya Peptone
  • Kosher soy peptone
  • Yeast Extract Powder
  • Acid Hydrolyzate of Soy Tech/Pure
  • Rice peptone
  • Pea Peptpne
  • Cotton Seed peptone
Soya Peptone: We are the largest manufacturer of Soy Peptone in India Our customers can avail from us Soya Peptone that is widely demanded by the customers in the domestic and global market. Soya peptone is formed due to the action of enzyme papain on soybean meal followed by the processes of purification and spray drying. Being highly nutritious material and soluble in water, this product promotes the growth of bacteria, fungi and fastidious organisms.These products are available in off white free flowing powder form and form clear solution, when diluted in water.

Kosher Soy Peptone: SUBNEYO is the one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of high quality range of Kosher Soy Pep tone. We use GMO-free ingredients in the production of Kosher Soy Pep tone. Kosher Soy Peptone offered by us is a rich source of Peptides,vitamins and carbohydrates. Thus, these are widely used in culture media for the cultivation of a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria and fungi. Furthermore, it is recommended for use in microbiological, tissue culture and fermentation media.

Yeast Extract:  Yeast Extract is a water soluble extract of selected autolyzed yeast cells. It is rich in vitamins, especially B complexes, amino acids and other growth factors. It is used in many microbiological culture media formulations as an excellent growth source. Yeasts extract is considered a principal enrichment factor in culture media in light of its high content of carbohydrates, vitamins, growth factors and amino acids. It promotes growth of a wide variety of microorganisms, including yeasts and molds.
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