Organic Plant Nutrients Input

Vermi Compost Organic Fertilizer

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Kilogram 
We are one of the well-known exporter and manufacturer of Seaweed Extract Based VermiCompost Organic Fertilizer for a manufacturer of various organic Fertilizer formulations. The offered seaweed extract powder is prepared by the remains of macroscopic and multicellular algae, which lives in the seabed along with natural animal origin products. Our offered seaweed-based organic fertilizer input is very useful for improving the fertility of the agricultural soil. The offered product is available at very affordable rates.


  • Perfect fertilizing effects
  • Quick action
  • Easy to disperse

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 Kilogram

Natural Potassium Humate

Approx Price: Rs 90 / Kilogram 
Organic Fertilizer Ingredient (raw Materials):
  • Natural Potassium Humate is potassium salt of Humic matter collectively called as Humus also known as the Humic acid from high-grade natural vegetable , animal decay matter Leonardite.
  • Humic acid is a principal component of humic substances, which are one of the major organic constituents of soil (humus), peat, farm yard manure, seaweed extract. It is also a major organic constituent of many upland streams, dystrophic lakes, and ocean water. It is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter.
  • It is not a single acid; rather, it is a complex mixture of many different organic acids.
  • Potassium Humate: Potassium salt of Humus as used as high-quality soil microbe improved, organic matter enhancer and plant growth enhancer and soil conditioner and can be applied in landscape and garden as well as for all agricultural and horticultural plants. It also could support seeds during germination and improve their vigor by providing organic matter during germination.


  • Its solubility is excellent, could be used in the formulation of various organic fertilizers.
  • Natural Plant Nutrient Organic Fertilizer Input based on Humate

Humiful is available as following:

  • Humiful Liquid 12%
  • Humiful 18% Liquid
  • Humiful 24% Liquid
  • Humiful 100% Soluble Granules
  • Humiful 100% Soluble Shiny Crystals

Foliar Application:

  • Helps in plant growth (increased biomass production)
  • Increase yield and improves quality of plants
  • Improve nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots
  • Improve the effectiveness of pesticides

Soil Application:

  • Improve the soil structure
  • Reduce nutrient losses
  • Improve nutrient uptake by the root system
  • Promote root development
  • Increase microbiological activity of soil
  • Increase capacities of water holding and cation exchange

Natural Amino Acid Powder

Raw Materials Ingredients for Organic Micronutrient Fertilizers:

  • Aminoplex: Natural Amino acid chelated minerals with Natural Organic N, Hydrolyzed Proteins based Organic minerals
  • Our range of amino acid chelated minerals/ complexes are highly effective organic minerals produced by careful process of complexation


  • These products are very useful ingredients raw materials in manufacturing various Organic Micronutrient Fertilizer formulations.
  • Aminoplex are the smart superior range of organic trace minerals that have been specially formulated to take care of trace mineral deficiencies in plants. The technology used to create these products is among the most advanced in the industry.
  • Aminoplex utilizes natural origin vegetable, animal origin products to produce highly bioavailable chelated protected minerals
  • Aminoplex are used in various plant nutrient formulations as ingredients.

Natural Amino acid complexed plant nutrients series:

1) Dry soluble amino acid chelated minerals with natural organic nitrogen:

  • AminoPlex soluble: 100% soluble dry powders
  • AminoPlex 12: Amino acid chelated minerals with Natural Organic N, Hydrolyzed Proteins based Organic minerals
  • AminoPlex Zn 12: Dry soluble organic amino acid peptide based chelated zinc 12%
  • AminoPlex combi: Dry soluble organic amino acid peptide based chelated multi minerals zinc 4%,iron 3%,manganese 2%,copper 1%,boron 0. 5% etc with with Natural Organic N
  • AminoPlex Fe 12: Dry soluble organic amino acid, peptide based chelated iron 12 with Natural Organic N
  • AminoPlex Ca 10-12: Dry soluble organic amino acid peptide based chelated calcium 10% with Natural Organic N
  • AminoPlex Mn 12: Dry soluble organic amino acid peptide based chelated manganese 12% with Natural Organic N
  • AminoPlex Cu 12: Dry soluble organic amino acid peptide based chelated copper12% with Natural Organic N
  • AminoPlex Mg 12: Dry soluble organic amino acid peptide based chelated magnesium 8 % with Natural Organic N
  • AminoPlex B 8: Dry soluble organic amino acid peptide based complexed boron 8 % with Natural Organic N

2) Liquid soluble amino acid chelated minerals with organic nitrogen:

  • Aminoplex liquid: 100% soluble liquids
  • Aminoplex L Ca: Amino acid complex liquid calcium with Natural Organic N
  • Aminoplex L Fe: Amino acid complexed liquid iron with Natural Organic N
  • Aminoplex L Zn: Amino acid complexed liquid zinc with Natural Organic N
  • Aminoplex L Mn: Amino acid complex liquid manganese with Natural Organic N
  • Aminoplex L Cu: Amino acid complexed liquid copper with Natural Organic N
  • Aminoplex l mg: Amino acid complexed liquid magnesium with Natural Organic N
  • Aminoplex l b: Amino acid complexed liquid boron with Natural Organic N

3) Biomino:

  • Liquid amino acid chelated multi minerals

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 Kilogram

Insect Bait

Insect Bait for Fruit Fly is a produced by special fermentation hydrolysis method which offer insect attracting characteristics to product.


  • Fly Bait Attractant for Diptera pests of Citrus, Fruit and Olive tress.
  • Bio Bait is used in mixture with insecticides. Bio Bait is not a pesticide its just an attractant for flies because of presence of fermented proteins & carbohydrates.
  • BioBait S is used in several crops that are affected by Diptera such as CITRUS (Ceratitis capitata), OLIVES (Bactrocera oleae), STONE FRUITS (Ceralitis Capitata).

Ground Application:

  • Apply BioBait S through foliar spray at 0.5-1.5% (0.5-1.5 litter in 100 litter water) in mixture with the insecticide applied at the recommended dose. Apply to the side of the tree oriented to the south or apply treating bands 25m. wide every 100m.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BioBait-S

Collagen Gel

Suboneyo Is The Largest Preparers Of Collgen Peptides In India..

Colysate Is An Edible Bovine Enzyme Hydrolysed Collagen/peptide Used As Bioactive Protein Source In Food, Beverages & Nutritional Products.
Colysate Is Characterized By Specific Amino Acid Contents Which Has High Glycine,  Hydroxyproline/proline & Glutamic Acid .these Represent Majority Of The Amino Acids That Gives Unique Properties.

Why Suboneyo's Colysate:
Suboneyo's Colysate Is Hydrolyzed Using Enzymes By Careful Hydrolysis Of Protein Under Controlled Conditions Of Temperature To Retain Nutritional Characteristics & Values.
& Hence All The Amino Acids Are Present In L Form & The Most Important Thing Is The Amino Acid Are Available In L Form During Gentle Enzymatic Hydrolysis Where As The Other Collagen Hydrolysate Available In Market Processed Using Acid/alkali Digestion The Amino Acids Are Available In Dl Form.

  • Protein Drinks
  • Protein Bars
  • Diets
  • Cosmetics
  • Flavors
  • Joint Care Products
  • Bakery
  • Processed Meat
  • Ham
  • Wine & Juice Fining

Digested Protein Concentrate

Suboneyo India is the largest manufacturer of Digested Protein Concentrate in India. Our careful protein hydrolysate derived from high-quality protein, vegetable protein finds use in poultry, pig, aquaculture nutrition. our unique biotechnological process, which has been developed by suboneyo ensures optimum product properties. BSE/TSE free our digested protein is processed using vegetable proteins & bacterial enzymes hence are completely free from BSE & TSE issues.

Proceed: Digested protein liquid & powder:

  • Proceed vs 30: Digested proteins liquid for animal, poultry, pigs, livestock
  • Proceed vs 55/60: Digested proteins 60% powder for animal, poultry , pigs, livestock
  • Proceed vs 80: Digested proteins 80% powder for animal, poultry, pigs, livestock
  • Biolife m80: Enzyme hydrolyzed proteins 80% powder for animal, poultry, pigs, livestock

Proceed Advantages:

  • Our digested proteins with proper combination of various protein sources, vegetable as well as animal, may lead to optimum results in terms of FCR, growth rate and meat quality
  • Excellent Source of Free amino acids, dipeptides & tripeptides
  • ProFeed Powders are Spry Dried & have excellent Solubility in water
  • High digestibility due to efficient elimination of anti-nutritional factors
  • High content of amino acid protein
  • High biological value of protein, due to a well-balanced amino acid composition
  • Stimulates the intake of concentrate in rearing
  • Trouble-free weaning
  • Excellent palatability
  • Counteracts diarrhoea
  • Better Feed Conversion ratio, Better Growth rate, Better meat quality
  • Uniform quality and extended shelf-life

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Kilogram
  • Port of Dispatch: any port in India
  • Production Capacity: 1000 mt

Soya Origin Peptones

Plant Origin Peptone:
  • Soya Peptone
  • Kosher soy peptone
  • Yeast Extract Powder
  • Acid Hydrolyzate of Soy Tech/Pure
  • Rice peptone
  • Pea Peptpne
  • Cotton Seed peptone
Soya Peptone: We are the largest manufacturer of Soy Peptone in India Our customers can avail from us Soya Peptone that is widely demanded by the customers in the domestic and global market. Soya peptone is formed due to the action of enzyme papain on soybean meal followed by the processes of purification and spray drying. Being highly nutritious material and soluble in water, this product promotes the growth of bacteria, fungi and fastidious organisms.These products are available in off white free flowing powder form and form clear solution, when diluted in water.

Kosher Soy Peptone: SUBNEYO is the one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of high quality range of Kosher Soy Pep tone. We use GMO-free ingredients in the production of Kosher Soy Pep tone. Kosher Soy Peptone offered by us is a rich source of Peptides,vitamins and carbohydrates. Thus, these are widely used in culture media for the cultivation of a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria and fungi. Furthermore, it is recommended for use in microbiological, tissue culture and fermentation media.

Yeast Extract: Yeast Extract is a water soluble extract of selected autolyzed yeast cells. It is rich in vitamins, especially B complexes, amino acids and other growth factors. It is used in many microbiological culture media formulations as an excellent growth source. Yeasts extract is considered a principal enrichment factor in culture media in light of its high content of carbohydrates, vitamins, growth factors and amino acids. It promotes growth of a wide variety of microorganisms, including yeasts and molds.
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