We are the leading manufacturers & exporters of bionutritional products meant for Human, Animal & Agriculture based applications. Produced by proprietary patented processes these are widely appreciated for their purity & effectiveness.
Seaweed Extract based Organic Fertilizer
Hydrolyzed Proteins Based Organic Fertilizer
Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer
Micronutrient Fertilizers Hydrolyzed Proteins
CrabShell Biostimulant Fertilizer
Potassium Humate Organic Fertilizer
Insect Bait for Fruit Fly
Animal Nutrition Supplements
Seed Coating Polymer
Peptone Fermentation Nutrients
Kosher Soy Peptone
Silk Amino Acids Silk Peptide Silk Proteins
Foaming Agent Concrete Additive
Flavor Enhancers HVP
High Protein Premix Powder -Neutraceuticals
Cosmetic Ingredients
Agricultural Fertilizer
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